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 | The #1 silicone scar gel treatment.       

BioCorneum helps to flatten, soften, and smooth scars

BioCorneum Gel 

is a patented silicone-based product that also contains sunscreen. Silicone is the only ingredient that is medically proven to work on scars. It has been shown to flatten, soften, smooth, and reduce discoloration of scars.  It also will relieve the associated itch, pain, and discomfort of scars.

BioCorneum protective barrier - Breathable, Flexible, and waterproof. 

Once applied, bioCorneum's patented silicone gel dries within 5 minutes forming an invisible silicone sheet over your affected area. This protective barrier is breathable, flexible, and waterproof. This allows your outer layer of dead skin cells to bind with the protective barrier and safely guard the underlying tissue against chemical, microbial, and physical invasion from the scar.

Use BioCorneum 2x Daily for 12 Weeks

Once your sutures are removed, start applying a thin layer of BioCorneum twice daily for twelve weeks. If your skin has a tendency to form raised, red scars or keloids, you may want to conitnue to use BioCorneum for six months to a year.


BioCorneum is a Physician-dispensed product available through designated medical offices.