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FOREO Cleanser for Men Daily Revitalizing Gel 100 mL / 3.3 fl. oz.


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The CLEANSER for MEN is a powerful deep cleanser used twice a day to meet all of the facial-cleansing needs of men to purify and strengthen the skin.
Cleanser for Men with REVITALIZING GEL WITH HYDROTHERMAL MINERALS The CLEANSER for MEN is a powerful deep cleanser used twice a day to meet all of the facial-cleansing needs of men to purify and strengthen the skin. A PURIFYING DEEP CLEANSE Transforming from a marine blue gel into a white foam, the CLEANSER for MEN derives its strength from the hydrothermal minerals in volcanic water to drive away impurities and excess sebum while detoxifying the skin of daily pollutants. Rich in mineral nutrients, it also nourishes and reinforces the skin. T-SONIC™ ACTIVATION The CLEANSER for MEN has been specifically designed to be the perfect complement to LUNA devices with formulas that are tailored at the molecular level to be activated by T-Sonic pulsations. OPTIMIZING EFFICACY When used in tandem with a LUNA device, the CLEANSER for MEN’s transformative textures are brought to life and their active ingredients are stimulated into penetrating deeper into the skin, maximizing absorption and efficacy without compromising on gentleness. CUSTOMIZED FACIAL CARE FOR MEN The type of skin men have is thick and rich in sebaceous glands, and is often afflicted from redness and irritation due to shaving. FOREO has developed its CLEANSER for MEN to address and balance these issues with a cleansing product that is easy to apply and use and effective. 96% INGREDIENTS OF NATURAL ORIGIN Hydrothermal Minerals - Found more than 2,000 meters inside volcanic hydrologic basins, hydrothermal minerals contain micro-algae extracts. These have hydrating, antioxidant and regenerative properties, and can accelerate cell metabolism and oxygenation. Moringa Extract - The peptide extract from Moringa seeds facilitate the elimination of pollution particles as it detoxifies the skin.
FOREO makes it their mission is to brighten your life. The way you feel has a profound impact on how you approach the world and on your well-being. For that reason, they strive to promote self-confidence. Everything FOREO does is designed to give you that extra dash in your step when you walk out the door. When you feel good, you look good. Our mission is complete. FOREO is built on the firm belief that creative destruction, not iterative improvements, moves the world forward. FOREO sees improvement as a bar too low. FOREO's consumers want something revolutionary. Using technology, research and forward-focused insights, FOREO creates visionary solutions, setting the new benchmark. Bringing together world-class experts with product designers and engineers at the FOREO Institute, they challenge and question how we can change existing standards in the pursuit of making people’s lives better.

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