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FOREO LUNA 2 Professional Set


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Quick description:

With Dual T-Sonic™ technology and an advanced 2nd generation brush head, the LUNA 2 professional is FOREO’s most powerful face exfoliator brush yet. LUNA 2 professional features dual motors, an innovative anti-aging function, and its specially-developed brush head is suitable for all skin types.

FOREO LUNA 2 Professional Set


What is it?

LUNA 2 is an even better T-Sonic ™ -based system for facial cleansing and anti-aging, with a revolutionary design for personalized cleaning. Now with four different brushes for a customized treatment that suits your skin perfectly.

What is it used for?

LUNA 2 goes beyond ordinary cleaning brushes and gives a visibly improved skin, which both you and everyone else can see. Treat yourself to a 2-minutes long, gentle facial cleansing routine every day, and get a smoother skin, a rejuvenated look and more luster.

Women experienced:

 - 100% More radiant skin 

- 98% smoother HUD 

- 90% Firmer & more elastic

How is it used?

1. Apply cleansing cream

Apply any cleansing cream. Soak the LUNA 2 and activate the cleaning mode.

  • Charger
  • Case

2. Clean

Apply to clean the surface of your LUNA 2 over face with gentle, circular motions for 1 minute.

3. Rinse

Wash and dry your face. If you so wish, apply a skin care product.

4. Anti-aging state

Activating anti-aging state on LUNA 2. Hold anti-aging surface of the brush for 1 minute on areas where wrinkles often occurs.


• 8000 twice as strong T-Sonic ™ -pulseringar (sound waves) per minute 
• Provides an optimal depth, yet gentle cleaning


• No replacement brushes needed 
• 2-year manufacturer's warranty 
• 10 year warranty


• softer silicone buds which are extremely mild to the skin 
• Ultra Hygienic silicone with an impermeable surface prevents bacterial growth 
• 35 times more hygienic than conventional cleaning brushes *


• fully waterproof for use in the bath or shower 
• 12 modes to choose for a customized treatment 
• 450 uses per charge

FOREO makes it their mission is to brighten your life. The way you feel has a profound impact on how you approach the world and on your well-being. For that reason, they strive to promote self-confidence. Everything FOREO does is designed to give you that extra dash in your step when you walk out the door. When you feel good, you look good. Our mission is complete. FOREO is built on the firm belief that creative destruction, not iterative improvements, moves the world forward. FOREO sees improvement as a bar too low. FOREO's consumers want something revolutionary. Using technology, research and forward-focused insights, FOREO creates visionary solutions, setting the new benchmark. Bringing together world-class experts with product designers and engineers at the FOREO Institute, they challenge and question how we can change existing standards in the pursuit of making people’s lives better.

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