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Go Smile Sonic Pro 2-in-1 Cleaning & Whitening Toothbrush System (Silver)


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Quick description:

The only sonic toothbrush with blue light proven to whiten your smile in 2 days.

What is It?
AA system that whitens and cleans teeth with sonic action, blue light, and an advanced formula gel

What is it used for?

  • Unique, time-saving technology delivers the best oral care PLUS deep whitening, while you brush!
  • The Sonic Blue Teeth Whitening System is a fast-acting, powerful whitener that's also a bacteria-reducing sonic toothbrush with soft bristle brush heads, delivering health and beauty benefits as you brush.
  • Blue light wavelengths boost deep whitening and have been shown to reduce harmful bacteria for greater oral health.
  • Dentist-recommended sonic vibration cleans and polishes for a reflective, bright smile.
  • Saves time by delivering dramatic whitening results without adding steps to your daily routine. Includes multi-color brush heads for multiple users in either dark blue or purple along with individual brush head covers.

 GO SMiLE Smile Whitening Light System:

  • Sonic Toothbrush with Integrated Blue Light
  • 3.5 oz. Teeth Whitening Gel with Hyperox Technology
  • Charging Station
  • 2 Replacement Brush Heads

How is it used?
Step 1: Put equal amounts of the Whitening Gel and your favorite flouride toothpaste on the brush.
Step 2: Push the power button; it will automatically be in Regular mode. (For Gentle mode, push the speed button once, and once more to return to Regular mode). Step 3: Brush in small, slow circular motions. The brush automatically turns off after 2 minutes. Rinse.

Additional Info:
Application Area: Teeth
Natural and Organic : Paraben-free

Teeth Whitening Gel - Water, Glycerin, Hydrogen Peroxide, Carbomer, Benzalkonium chloride, EDTA Acid, Etidronic Acid, Ammonium Hydroxide

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