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Your skin type determines how you care for your skin, so why should you choose your makeup any differently? Using the right base products can mean the difference between a face that holds up all day and concealer sliding off your face by noon. Keep these tips in mind next time you shop to to find the right products for you. Dry Skin: As anyone who’s ever applied powder foundation to dehydrated skin can attest, creamy, moisturizing formulas feel so much better on drier skin types. Sensitive Skin: Ingredients are the most important variable to consider when choosing makeup for sensitive skin, as many widely available products contain irritants like synthetic fragrance. The fewer ingredients (and the more you can pronounce), the better. Combination Skin: Makeup suitable for combination skin is all about balance—you want to look for something that will both absorb excess oil and fend off dryness. Oily Skin: Like combination skin, oily skin types also need balance. Look for fine powders like kaolin clay in the ingredients list—they work to absorb oil without drying, which can send oil production into overdrive.